Not really sure where the first
cheeseburger was had, nor who came up with the idea, but it
hardly matters. Cheeseburger is about as American as apple pie and baseball. Where
would the world be without the cheeseburger? This site is dedicated to the one
sandwich that deserves its own museum, its own hall of fame. its own entourage, its
own star on Hollywood Blvd., (ok, maybe I got a little carried away), the classic and
wonderful cheeseburger!  
“Cheeseburger me! The ultimate
sandwich of all time - the classic
cheeseburger. Of course, everyone might
not agree and there may be someone,
somewhere that does not like a
cheeseburger, but that would be hard to
A classic cheeseburger with lettuce and tomato on a sesame seed bun The double cheeseburger, double meat, double cheese cheeseburger me!
- a cheeseburger person was created on a full stomach by low cost web hosting and custom web design company Adtastic Hosting
Surely everyone has a cheeseburger story or two. I have my own cheeseburger
story but I am saving mine for my cheeseburger book and besides, this is a cheerful
website and my cheeseburger story would certainly bring a tear to your eye because
although it does have a happy
ending, it is a sad story indeed.
Suffice to say that
cheeseburgers have a place dear to my heart and that is why I made this website!
And then of course, there is the favorite commercial cheeseburger restaurant or
stand. I have my favorite but not sure I should or can mention it here, don’t want to
be sued for trademark infringement or something although, might be good
Cheeseburger Me is for sale to the right person in the cheeseburger business with enough lettuce for a healthy supply of cheeseburgers.
For info please call 501-270-0662
The Official “unofficial” site of the American Cheeseburger